Rick Joslin is a pioneer in the sport of karate and kickboxing, who in addition to his own accomplishments as a competitor in the sport, has helped develop and mentor thousands of young lives.

Joslin has and continues to run a successful studio that has been a landmark on Concession Street for many years.

Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts was founded 46 years ago. Opened by the 3-time Canadian Karate Champion, it has become one of Canada’s most established martial arts schools.

Joslin was one of the first Full Contact Karate (Kickboxing) fighters in Canada and his undefeated kickboxing team was a powerful force back in the 1970′s.

Since the day it opened, over 10,000 students (ages 4-60+) have been taught martial arts at the Joslin facility, by either Rick or his son Jeff.

Joslin has organized the Canadian Open Grappling Championships as hundreds of competitors compete in the largest event of its kind in Canada.

Other notes:

• Joslin is an 8th degree black belt in Karate
• He is a member of the Canadian Karate Hall of Fame
• Joslin, a world class kickboxing official, has refereed over 30 championship fights.