Article IX Nomination for Recognition

9.1 Nominations may originate with the Directors

9.2 Nominations may originate directly from: a) a sports governing body; b) a club or association; c) an individual; and, d) a family member. Nominations are to be signed by the nominator or the officers of the body, club, or association.

9.3 Nominations shall be accompanied by citations covering, in as great detail as possible, the athletic accomplishments or the service record, or both, of the person or persons nominated. The claimed accomplishments or service records must be supported by documentary evidence where there is any possibility of doubt. Additionally, nominations must be accompanied by a photograph of the nominee.

9.4 All costs relating to the nomination are the responsibility of the nominator(s).

9.5 Nominations may be received by the Board of Directors of the Hall throughout the year.

Article X Eligibility of Athletes for Nomination

10.1 The nominee must have represented a sport with distinction in athletic competition; in Hamilton, inside/outside the province; or whose example has brought great credit to the sport and high respect for the individual; and whose conduct will not bring discredit to the Hall.

10.2 The nominee must either have been born in Hamilton, or been a “Hamilton” resident during the period for which outstanding service is claimed.

10.3 The nominee must have compiled an outstanding record in one or more sports.

10.4 A nominee, not born in Hamilton, may be eligible if, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, the individual should be recognized by the Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame.

10.5 A nominee may or may not be eligible if he/she is representing an activity which, in the minds of the Board of Directors, is deemed to be/not to be a sport.

Article XI Eligibility of Sportsmen, Sportswomen, Executives and Others

Article XI Eligibility of Builders for Nomination

11.1 The nominees must have served a sport for a period of years (as determined by the Board of Directors), that are not necessarily consecutive.

11.2 The nominees must have had a career which combines, wholly or in part, the qualities mentioned in Article 10.1, in such a way to make their contribution to sport of an outstanding nature and whose conduct will not bring discredit to the Hall.

11.3 The nominee must either have been born in Hamilton, or been a “Hamilton” resident during the period for which outstanding service is claimed. However, the nominee may be from a nearby community (as determined by the Board of Directors) but must have served as a Builder of a sport in Hamilton.

11.4 The term “Builder” should be defined as to illustrate a possible variety of functions such as coach, official, administrator, patron, media (journalist/broadcaster) and sports medicine.

11.5 The individual inducted as an athlete who then goes on to become an administrator in the same sport should not be inducted as a builder in the same sport.

11.6 A nominee may/may not be eligible as a Builder if the activity he/she is considering, is deemed or not deemed a sport by the Board of Directors.

Article XII Eligibility of Championship Teams

12.1 Hamilton teams winning a national, international or world championship or reaching the ultimate level of achievement in their sport, and whose conduct will not bring discredit to the Hall, may be eligible for entry into the Hall. Team Inductees- A Definition Given that the mandate of the Hall is to recognize excellence in sport, the following team personnel will be considered as inductees into the Hall of Fame; players, coaching staff, trainers, equipment manager(s), general manager, medical personnel and President of the team.

Article XIII Selection of Nominees for Recognition into the Hall

13.1 Each year the Induction Selection committee will select from the nominations received and on file at the Hall approximately eight (8) athletes and builders and a maximum of two (2) teams. At no time shall the induction of builders exceed the total number of individual athletes and/or teams. The Committee should address the issues of geography, gender, historical profile, the age factor (chronology of distribution), etc. If the calibre of nominees is felt to not warrant a selection process and induction, the Board of Directors may decide not to hold an induction ceremony in any fiscal year. The Board of Directors of the Hall is responsible for the final selection of nominees for each induction of the Hall, and is responsible for the suitable induction of the selected nominees.

13.2 At no time shall individuals or team nominees be accepted whose conduct is or has been such as to bring discredit to the Hall.